? PyCharm crashes constantly since the update today (OSX) (2016.1.1) ?

Is this just me? I have to force quit (OSX) with the spinning color wheel after using it for any amount of time. I tried invalidating cache and restarting but got the same behavior. Looking forward to the copy-paste fix once I can get around this.

*edit* I saved the OSX crash report and sent it to technical support.

Permanently deleted user

It's likely the problem described in the issue PY-19075. Please attach the Python file for which you experienced the freeze to that issue.


Thank you Andrey. Since I already had a support ticket open with crash data, I updated that instead. I hope you guys can file a bug if it looks like one.


Having the same problem. I tried to find version 2016.1, but the old versions link seems to only have 5.x 


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