saving open tabs as a unit of work



 I am using Intellij and I want to do something I've never wanted to do before but I don't know if it's possible. It is this: I have a few files open in the editor. I want to save those files as a distinguished unit of work and recall them later. When I recall them later, I would like the option of adding them to whatever other files I have open at the time or replacing all other open files with this unit of work.


Can I do this?


I am not using any type of online tracker or anything of this sort.


I found the drop down for tasks and enabled it. It appears to know about commits to my (local copy of) GIT. I don't see any way to "create a new task for this current set of tabs (files) you have open right now". That is what I want to do right now. The closest thing I see is "open task" (big green plus sign).  How do I specify THIS set of tasbs to be a "thing"?


I found the rest of the documentation on the page you linked to so nevermind that last question I think the docs cover it...... thanks Serge!!!



Functionality i'd really love is the following - the ability to save an open group (ie one set of opened tabs/files) as name. And then be able to close and open these groups on demand. Eg you're investigating some bit of functionality, you've opened 4 or 5 files as you trace through the code, learning how this bit of logic is specified - and then you want to save those 4 or 5 files under a label. Then you can close it and re-open in 3 days' time knowing that you don't have to retrace your steps


Obviously you can save a number of these. Does this exist? It's a far lighter and more simple than what seems to be going on with the context and's just about aggregating and tracking sets of filenames via a label


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