No stack trace printed after exception

 I'm running PyCharm 5.0.4, and on both windows 7 and debian 8.4, the stack trace is not printed when my programs crash. Has anyone else seen this issue? I've been dealing with it so far by just running the code in a command prompt, and the stack trace is printed as usual there, but I'd prefer for it to work in PyCharm, as it is impossible to debug without the stack trace. I seem to recall a while ago not having this issue; is there some setting I need to change to fix this?


Bump... confirmed I'm still not getting a stack trace on windows 10 either. Just a "Process finished with exit code 1" after a program crash. Anyone else getting this?


Did you solve your problem? I have a similar issue. A simple "print ('e')" does not print anything and gives "Process finished with exit code 1"

It wasn't like this before, I think windows update messed up mine.


No, I never solved this issue, and it has persisted across all versions of PyCharm from the first post until now. I have it across two windows 10 computers and a linux partition.

Instead of running your code with the green arrow icon at the top of the window (or using the hotkey), you can just use the built-in terminal to launch your script. It's an annoying "solution", but I guess the alternative is not having any stack trace.


I recently resolved my problem with what I think could be another work-around. Upgrade to the latest PyCharm 2017.1 and in the Run/Edit Configurations..., enable "emulate terminal in output console". I suppose the real problem I was having was some environment variables were overwriten between Windows and PyCharm upgrades. See below.


Thanks, this is exactly what I needed.


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