Pycharm 2016.1 crashes when using Windows Remote Desktop Connection


I'm running automated tests with instruments connected through GPIB to a Windows 7 Enterprise 64bits PC. Pycharm is used to develop and run the tests using Python 2.7, logging thousands measurements to a dict cPickle file and generating a final Excel workbook at the end. These tests can last several hours, and I need to regularly go to the lab to change the device under test, in order to have several devices in a single report and being able to have some statistics. Unfortunately, the duration of each step and each DUT is variable, so I can't just use a timer on my phone, for example.

So, as I don't want to spend my life in the (noisy) lab monitoring the test execution, I'm regularly using a remote desktop connection from my desk computer to check the status of the test, and if it asks to change the DUT, I then go to the lab, change the DUT, log me on the computer and let Python continue the test, while going back to my desk.

This was working perfectly well till I installed the latest Pycharm version : 2016.1

Now I can remotely connect on the PC, I can see the Python test in the Pycharm console asking to change the DUT and press Enter to continue, but then, if I close the remote connection and go the lab, when logging on the lab's PC, Pycharm is no more available. All other applications are up and running : Windows Explorer, Excel, web browser, calculator, Notepad, Adobe reader, etc... everything is there where I left it, except Pycharm.

Pycharm is closed, as if I had clicked on the File > Exit menu and then confirmed I wanted to quit. There is no more Pycharm or Python process running, as on a freshly rebooted PC...

Fortunately, I'm making a cPickle file save after each measurement step, and I always faced this issue while the Python script was waiting for me to change the DUT ; so I didn't loose test results, I just had to generate partial Excel workbooks and merge them afterward. But what would happen if I remotely connect in the middle of a DUT run ? I may loose several hours of data !

Is there something I can do to avoid having Pycharm crashing when using Windows Remote Desktop Connection ?

Thanks, and best regards


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