Is it possible to open multiple CMake Projects?

I am wondering if it is possible to open multiple projects in the same window? I am thinking something like Visual studio having a solution with multiple projects? I am working on a ROS stack that is defined by a high level CMake file that lists 6 or 7 sub CMake projects that I would like the IDE to have open all at the same time. It has a structure like the following:

Any help would be very appreciated



Yes, it's possible if they are added to top CMakeLists.txt through add_subdirectory() command. In other words if it works with pure CMake (for example from terminal) it must be working in CLion because it parses CMakeLists.txt files directly.


Do you know if it is possible though the use of catkin?


Thanks for your fast response!


OK, now I see that you probably need additional functionality, here's a related request where some workarounds are described (they're probably not the best way to solve problem but still). Feel free to vote for it and leave comment with your details.


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