When will PHPStorm install and simply work out of the 'box' as one would expect?

I started at a company a couple of years ago and was given a development machine with PHPStorm.  They had pre-loaded a configuration which was tailored perfectly to the development environment.  Garbage inspections turned off, indexing set to work sanely and not destroy system performance, etc.  Since then I have moved on to other opportunities.  I considered myself a PHPStorm guy, and have attempted no less than 5 times in the last 2 years to use the software again, but gave up.

When will the software work properly?  When will I simply be able to download, install, point at my codebase and go?  Why do I have to beg the software to not spend infinite amounts of time indexing god knows what and destroying performance on my machine?  Why can't the developers get this straight, finally, so that it doesn't require an initial investment of some insane amount of time picking through poorly labeled options to attempt to get the software to behave?  All the power built in means absolutely nothing if it is this picky.  I have used and loved this software, and I want to again, but until you put out a product that can be installed and 'just work' without hours of nitpicky configuring, it's just junk. 

Please, for the love of god fix it. 

PS:  I don't care for 'fanboi' feedback talking about how it works perfect for them, etc.  Point this freshly installed software at a sizeable amount of code and it loses it's mind and renders itself and the computer unusable.  Period.

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It's hard to say anything exactly without looking at the code base but, in general, the thing is that we are trying to make PhpStorm really flexible so once you configure it, it does all the things for you properly. As an environment (hence IDE), PhpStorm needs to be configured to match the code that will be developed within this environment.

What "fix" would you suggest here?

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It's a bit sad that this is even a question I have to answer.  Pay very, very close attention, as this will increase sales and shrink the size of your community support board by about 50% --

When the IDE is in use, or when some checkbox is ticked, limit indexing to a percentage of disk/cpu/memory usage so the the computer isn't basically an ugly paperweight while the indexing service is running.

Tada -- I just pointed the obvious which can literally increase your sales and overall customer satisfaction several times over.  I don't want a commission, I just want usable software without having to wait patiently for hours and in some cases DAYS.  Now act on it.


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