JetBrains Markdown plugin

Dear JetBrains team,


I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the latest version of the Markdown plugin.

It does exactly as you would expect - allows you to enter MD on the left and see HTML get generated on the right; no mucking about, it just works.


From what I can see so far:

- no bugs

- supports images (though not local images?)

- supports tables

- it (finally) looks great!


The only things I could think to add might be some formatting tools, such as:

- keyboard shortcuts

- import / convert to table (currently I use [this](

- ability to customise font


But, yeah, brilliant job, well done!


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One other thing that would be nice, would be if it understood Github-flavoured markdown.

For instance, I"m just writing a wiki at the moment, and it doesn't understand [[links]]

Also, it might be nice to be able to set the color / styling independently of the current theme - maybe just a dark / light toggle or something.


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HI Dave,

Thank you for this wonderful feedback!
Github-flavoured markdown: for the theme-specific styling, please submit a feature request:

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Some table types don't seem to work so well either. Might want to take a look at that!

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> Thank you for this wonderful feedback!

Gotta say thank you as well as moan about the bugs! ;)


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