References search for multi-word declarations

Currently working on documentation support in my plugin and got following problem:

There are named sections in docs, like

=head1 this is a title


And it's possible to make a link from other doc, like

L<docfile/this is a title> 

which leads to the section above. 

I've made references and they works fine, until link definition contains newlines, like:

... some text here.....  L<docfile/this is

a title> 

From doc specification it's pretty valid and direct link works fine. But seems that references searcher can't handle it. And i don't know how to help it with ReferencesSearcher aside adding every possible new line combination, but it's dumb.

I've really tried to debug the process of searching inbound references. But was overwhelmed with new information. So if someone could help me here with advice, would be really nice.

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