Flex Project - Run on iOS Device - ApplicationVerificationFailed


What "iOS Deployment Type" does IntelliJ use for Run on iOS Device (over USB)?

I get ApplicationVerificationFailed no matter what provisioning profiles and signing keys I use. I can test the exact same provisioning profiles and signing keys in Adobe Animate CC and deploy to the same iOS Device over USB just fine.

Is there a way to get a more verbose error message than ApplicationVerificationFailed, or inspect the IPA?

I can package the Flex/AIR app in IntelliJ, upload to iTunes Connect, and publish the App (via TestFlight) without any problem. However I cannot Run on iOS Device over USB.


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XCode Version 7.3 (7D175)
iOS Simulator 9.3
Apache Flex SDK 4.15
AIR 20 Runtime
Intellij IDEA 2016.1.1

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IntelliJ IDEA uses ADT -package command with "-target ipa-debug-interpreter" option if 'Fast packaging' check box is selected (default) or with "-target ipa-debug" option otherwise. Then IDE calls "ADT -installApp -platform ios". 

If any error occurs IDE prints all ADT output it has. In your case I'm afraid there's no more information from the ADT tool.

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There are so many poorly documented gotchas with the Adobe AIR SDK, that you'd wonder if anyone is actually using it.

I solved this one.

The beta-reports-active (TestFlight) entitlement must be commented out or removed from the application descriptor in order to publish over USB. Setting it to false is insufficient. (The comment above it is my addition)

<!-- true for TestFlight (comment out for USB testing, false for production publishing) -->

Unrelated, but these may also be desired in the InfoAdditions section:

<!-- Application does not use Encryption -->
<!-- Application may make HTTP requests to any domain -->

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Thank you for the update!

Did you try to contact Adobe in order to fix or document it?


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