Setting configurable parent id doesn't work in 14.1

I have two configurables, one for global and the other for project level settings, like this:

<applicationConfigurable id="com.foobar.AppSettings"
instance="com.some.package.AppConfigurable" />

<projectConfigurable id="com.foobar.ProjectSettings"

In IntelliJ 15 and 2016 project settings are a node under the app settings, but in 14 the project settings are under "Other settings". I can make an ugly workaround by using dynamic children, but then I lose the UX that shows project level settings.

Is there a way to solve this for all versions 14 - 2016, or provide the workaround just for 14?


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Sorry, but IDEA 14 processes settings for an application and for a project separately, so you cannot create a tree branch.

I fixed this behaviour in IDEA 15.


Also, do not forget to specify displayName to improve performance:

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Thanks for the answer!

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And for the tip as well. I wish I would have found that linked website when I started this task. Maybe that should be in the SDK documentation?

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Almost all content of the article in the javadoc for:


I'll think about adding it to the SDK docs.

Thank you!


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