PYCharm debug from console with breakpoints



I tried to find an answer for my question on the web, but without any results.

I'm using pycharm as my Python IDE.  I know how to use the debugger, setting break points and debug my code when I'm running my program from the debug button.

But, let say I have a file, in this file I have some functions. now I can call each of my function from python debug console, but when I set a break point inside any of the functions and run the function from the console it ignore the break point and never stop at the break point. Why? is it possible to do it? How to do it? The reason I want to do it, because I want to debug specific function and not run the complete flow of my program



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I also find such a feature super useful

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Hi! Unfortunately, there's no such feature yet, please vote for PY-19692 request.


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