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Hello! I'm really loving the IntelliJ Idea IDE! I'm trying to use it with Corona and I'm running into some problems. Has anyone gotten this to work? it would be awesome to be able to easily use this great IDE with Corona since there are no good options available out there, every other editor option is buggy, out of date or lacks features. Here's the steps I have tried so far:

1) Installed community version of IntelliJ idea

2) I've installed the Lua SDK

3) Installed the Lua for idea plugin by following the screenshots on the bottom of the page

4) I created simple project

5) I installed the corona API plugin by downloading the link and following the instruction found here

6) I went into the Edit -> Project Structure and made sure that I have the Lua SDK and the Lua for Idea plugin loaded


When I try to run the project however, I get an error that 'composer' is not defined. This makes me think that Corona SDK is not linked to the project. How do I link Corona SDK to my project?


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I kinda solved the problem by using a different plugin. Its old but it still works. Instructions here:


The only thing is that corona has changed the way it works so you get this warning:

Note: 'Corona Terminal' is deprecated.  You should run the 'Corona Simulator' application instead.

I could not get that to work however but for now using the Corona Terminal works. If anyone has any clues about that let me know.


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