Configuring ReactJS / JSX on PyCharm 3.4

Hi all, I am using PyCharm 3.4 (I like it!), and would like to configure it to recognize ReactJS / JSX. I've seen the instructions here, but that is for the newest version and does not seem to work with 3.4 (There is no "Languages & Frameworks" node). I have installed the react-templates plugin, but I'm not sure that is the right solution to allow PyCharm to recognize my JSX (I think it just provides templates that replace JSX).


Does anyone know how I can configure PyCharm 3.4 to recognize JSX?


PyCharm 3.4 is two years old. I think it might be older than ReactJS. :)

Is there a reason you can't use a new version of PyCharm?


Haha, good point.

Nothing stopping me really, other than lack of momentum. There seem to be lots of extension points in PyCharm, and I couldn't figure out if any of them would be suitable for a simple plugin or something.


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