Separate editor color for core PHP functions?

I know in Settings I can alter the color scheme, but functions are divided according to functional considerations (no pun intended), such as "declaration", "function call", "instance method", "class method", etc.

Is there a way to designate a separate color for calls to core PHP functions (and functions provided by modules included with PHP, e.g. cURL)? I like to be able to distinguish visually at a glance where I'm calling my own methods vs. PHP's core functions.



Hi there,

Such functionality has been removed in 2016.1 version --


It doesn't look like I am able to comment on that issue, but I agree with the posters -- it's really disappointing that PhpStorm doesn't have that feature.


It requires separate login/account (Hint: you can use your Google/Facebook/etc for that instead of creating dedicated account)

Also (in case if you are new to YouTrack):


This came back a few version ago, yes!


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