Plugin for PHP syntax highlighting?

Apparently we can install .tmbundle files that will give us PHP syntax highlighting. I have tried and it hasn't worked. This post on Stackoverflow mentions that the php textmate bundle does not work in webstorm. I am not a PHP developer, and I have already bought webstorm, but I would really like to be able to support syntax highlighting in PHP as every other editor that I have will let me. I have been trying the PHPStorm demo but it freaks out whenever I switch between the 2 apps, so there's no way I will pay for that as an inferior solution.

Is there another bundle somewhere that will work to get PHP syntax highlighting?

I just want some nice php syntax highlighting so I don't look like a total newb when other developers look at my editor!


Thanks in advance.

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there are no other textmate bundles for PHP I'm aware of... You can try using custom types. Try this one, for example:

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Thank you! Sometimes it won't update highlights until I edit the line again, but it makes php files look much more sensible.

Still somewhat confused there's no textmate-bundle type solution that would work for this, but this is a huge improvement


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