PhpStorm wipes off files (leaving them blank) on power failure

Hey folks. I've been using PhpStorm for a while now since it's awesome. The only downside I have stumbled upon, and I consider extremely unacceptable is that most of the time, when a power failure occurs, some of your opened files will get its content wiped. The file would end up completely blank. I tried opening it on other editors and appears blank as well. Besides that, the configuration files are sometimes erased too, I even have to reconfigure the IDE's appearance completely again.

This has only happened to me with PhpStorm. I'm using Elementary OS (based on Ubuntu). It happened to me in Windows 7 as well. I really love the IDE and don't want to move to other because of this.

Thanks for your time. 

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Were you able to restore the file from Local History?

In general, it is related not to PhpStorm but to Linux journaled ile systems. You can find more details here: <>.

As for Windows, there was an issue with settings lost on BSOD but this should be fixed in PhpStorm 2016.1. Do you still face this behavior with the latest version?


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