Can "Find in path" NOT be a dialog?

Any time I "find in path" by using control h in the project view (because I want to search within a directory scope), the results appear in a dialog. Thing is, I want to be able see the results while also scrolling the project view, but since the results window is a dialog, I can't interact with the project view. Is there any way to make "find in path" NOT be a dialog, but a view? That would be ideal, as I have 3x27" displays and often detach views into their own windows.


Hi there,

Which "results" are you talking about? The preview tab?

If so -- it's a preview tab. The actual results are always shown in a separate tool window.

Otherwise -- please show a screenshot of such dialog.


As I have mentioned in my previous comment -- it's a "preview" tab -- it's there so you can check if maybe there is something wrong with your actual search text/options and so that you can alter it before doing proper search (this is very handy when working with large projects where search takes quite some time).

If you want to work with actual search results -- click on "Find" button and they will be listed in standard tool window.


But to answer the actual question from the thread subject -- there is no option to make actual "Find in Path" dialog non-modal (at least I known no such option).


It seems that some times too much information is NOT a good thing. I thought the preview was the only thing for showing the results. Thanks again for the quick response!


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