New project and old local history


I have very important changes in LocalHistory (files changes.storageData and changes.storageRecordIndex over 8Gb) and very old copy of project files (it's epic fail :( )

I'm tried create new project from existing files in IDE and copy LocalHistory's files to my user profile, but PHPStorm (v 8) was clearing this files while starting

I'm found this solution, but it does not work for me (local history still cleared)

Is there chance to link this old project files and actual local history ?

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As I can see, you are already in touch with support engineer. It would be great if you could post the results of investigation here.

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To recover project from Local History in case of the loss of the project's files i did:

  • Completely remove project files with the root folder
  • Remove all other projects (or move somewhere)
  • Replace all profile files (.WebIde80 in my case) with a copy
  • Start PhpStorm and create new empty project with exact same path and name and navigate to LocalHistory

In fact, everything can be done on a fresh installed system


  • The version of PhpStorm must be exactly the same
  • After the second run of PhpStorm history is cleared, so that we have only one chance to recover

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