PHPStorm 10 documentation?

I'm on the Help pages but it says PhpStorm 2016.1 Help, but I'm using version 10. Is there a way to switch to version 10 Help pages?

I've decided not to upgrade due to PHPStorm having major version upgrades so often (every 3 months it seems), and it's a massive undertaking where I work, I have to export my settings, install the new version, import, but most of the settings didn't import from 8 to 10, so I had to spent all that time setting them back up again. It's not worth the time and effort to completely reinstall PHPStorm this often; I had no problems with Eclipse, but that isn't as easy to use now.

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Unfortunately only the most recent version of documentation is available.

There should be no major difference in documentation between PhpStorm 2016.1 and 10.

PhpStorm 8 has been released on

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There may be minor differences that matter though.

A cycle of complete reinstall more than twice a year is a lot of work and reconfiguring for an entire team especially when the export/import of settings doesn't work right or at all.

Typically major versions of editors could last for years, and minor versions were not a big deal to update. Why do major versions change so much? We don't really need all this extra work, the update prompt should just update the newest minor.alpha.beta version without requiring a full reinstall, this is too cumbersome.


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