Code highlighting and css/scss color blocks in gutter not working

I've recently upgraded my version of phpstorm to the newest version and I'm a bit surprised that these 2 features are not working out of the box. In my Scss file, when I have a hex color, I don't see the color appear in a small reference box in the gutter next to it. I have the box checked to show css colors in the gutter in the settings too. 

The other issue is the highlighting. When I double click and highlight a variable, it should highlight all the variable in use in that current doc, it currently does not. I also have the highlighting feature turned on in the settings as well, but it still doesnt work.

Anyone else have these issues, I'm on the latest version - 2016.1



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Hi there,

Please try 2016.1.1 EAP build

The first issue is fixed there.

I'm not aware of second issue (at least in a way you have described it). But there was an issue where absence of space after : was producing different coloring. If it's still an issue using aforementioned build, then please provide some basic code sample to reproduce (actual file (so it can be downloaded) + screenshot of what you see there).

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Awesome thanks so much Andriy - I downloaded the update and the color blocks in the gutter are definitely fixed. However the issue of highlighting is not. Let me explain differently to help you understand. I've included 2 screen shots - one from PHPstorm and the other from webstorm. Basically when you dobule-click on a variable or object that has been used multiple times, it should hightlight all the areas where that object has been used in your current file. In the first screen shot its php storm and playBTN has been double clicked to select the whole word, except no other usages of the object have been selected further down. Now when I have the same file opened in webstorm and you do the same thing, you can see it was highlighted in each instance it was used.

webstorm highlighting - as you can see when you double click and select the variable, on line 60 the usage of that variable has been highlighted:

Hope this helps clear up my issue - thanks for your help!

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Maybe it depends on color schema somehow? Try setting up the same schema -- Default or Darcula.
Maybe you have different plugins in both IDEs (one of them may provide such additional functionality or interfere with existing)

In any case -- please try "File | Invalidate Caches..." and restart IDE.

P.S. What WebStorm version have you used here? If it works in WebStorm then it should also work in PhpStorm as well (comparable builds only -- check "Help | About" for that). If WebStorm is newer and it works there... then it should also work in next PhpStorm version (when 2016.1.1 will be properly released).


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Ahh good call! It was the custom theme I am using - the highlight color must be the same as the background or something ha! Works in dracula :) Thanks so much!!! Have a great day.


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