update project fails on every even new projects with: no tracked branch configured for master

Edit: Never mind, I'm sorry I thought "Update Project" == "Commit Changes".

I have opened an issue, but I guess its likely my fault, so I ask here too in hope that I can close it soon.

Issue is https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/CPP-6493

Short thing is: Suddenly even with new projects, I can't use "Update Project" in CLion with git, it always fails with Can't update: no tracked branch No tracked branch configured for branch master.


I figured out what happens: CLion can't deal with git repositories that aren't cloned but just created locally (like when you're starting a project for yourself)


I'm such an idiot, I forgot "Commit changes" was the function thats supposed to do this. I'm sorry for any of your wasted time.


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