Display URL as hyperlink in "Messages" panel

Hi all,

I'm working on a compiler plugin for IntelliJ which optimizes class serialization, you can find it in the repository here. To log information in the "Messages" panel of IJ I use the CompileMessage API.

I would like to display URL as a hyperlink in the "Messages"panel now. But although the url gets indeed displayed it is not rendered as a hyperlink. The same output in a "Run" panel when executing the Maven plugin of the same tool shows up as a hyperlink. 

With "Messages" panel I mean this one: 

and "Run" panel this one:

This behaviour is what I observerd for version 13.1.X to 15.0.X of IJ.

Question: is there a way to show url as hyperlinks in the "Messages" panel or is it the way I use the CompileContext and CompilerMessage that is the not suited for this? Is there another way to get output from an external compiler plugin to get rendered as an hyperlink? 



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Check out the consoleFilterProvider extension point.  You'll want to create a Result with an OpenFileHyperlinkInfo based on the pattern that should be hyperlinked and the target of that link.  I know this will work for console views so I assume it will work for the messages view.  Hope it helps!


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