Library reflection in plugin

I'm trying to develop a plugin for IntelliJ but I need to reflect over included Libraries (also gradle libraries).
How I get these Libraries (jars, classes, or something like that)? I need to inspect some annotations at classes in these libraries but I can't reference these in my plugin. 

Does anyone know how to do that?


Edit: I'm only have PsiClass and a Project in my methods available. Here is my debug-code

ProjectFileIndex fileIndex = ProjectRootManager.getInstance(project).getFileIndex();
List<OrderEntry> orderEntriesForFile = fileIndex.getOrderEntriesForFile(psiClass.getContainingFile().getVirtualFile());
System.out.println("OrderEntries: " + orderEntriesForFile.size());
for(OrderEntry entry : orderEntriesForFile) {
System.out.print("EntryType: " + entry.getClass());
System.out.println(" " + entry.getPresentableName());
if(entry instanceof LibraryOrderEntry) {
VirtualFile[] files = ((LibraryOrderEntry) entry).getLibrary().getFiles(OrderRootType.CLASSES);
System.out.println("Library files: " + files.length);
for(VirtualFile jar : files) {
System.out.println("Library found: " + jar.getName());

for (PsiField psiField : PsiClassUtil.collectClassFieldsIntern(psiClass)) {
PsiAnnotation[] annotations = psiField.getModifierList().getAnnotations();
for(PsiAnnotation annotation : annotations) {
System.out.println("Annotation found: " + annotation.getQualifiedName());
try {
System.out.println("Annotation class: " + Class.forName(annotation.getQualifiedName()));
} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
System.out.println("Annotation class not found");
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META-INF/plugin.xml -> idea-plugin -> <depends>com.jetbrains.twig</depends>

Project Structure -> SDKs -> Classpath -> Add foreign plugin jar for builds (JetBrains/../Plugins/twig/...)

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Thank you @Daniel Espendiller

The problem is that i don't know the libraries on which i have to depend. I'm building a generic library which can be extended and I don't know the Extensions directly. Is there a opportunity to reflect over all dependencies and libraries of the project and find all classes in them? (only one time at initialization and every time on rsync)

Thank you.

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just the same for external libs. every plugin is a sandbox, so just let them compile in: Project Structure -> Modules -> Dependencies -> Scope.

You can also see this one includes external libs, too.

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The problem is, that i don't know these external libs. My lib is used in some project and my project (an Annotation Prozessor) is expandable with third party libs. I have to tell IntelliJ which mehtods would be created by an Annotation but I don't know which Extensions would someone build upon my library and don't know at compile time which mehtods would be created by these libraries, so I have to find and reflect them at runtime. 

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@Daniel Espendiller had the dazzling idea. What i've searched for is

VirtualFile[] libraryRoots = LibraryUtil.getLibraryRoots(project);
for(VirtualFile jar : libraryRoots) {
System.out.println("Library found: " + jar.getCanonicalPath());

Thank you Daniel


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