PHPStorm 9 stops on breakpoint and then resumes

Hello. All of the sudden, yesterday PHPStorm now stops on my breakpoints for about half a second, displays the debugger pane with the stack and variable info and then it continues code execution. It is as if something presses the "resume program execution" button.

I have a test page setup with

echo "1";
echo "2";

I have a break point on the line that reads echo "1";

I navigate to the php page in question. The break point is hit, program execution pauses, the debugger view shows up, becomes populated with a stack and variables. About half a second later the debugger view's Frames and Variables panes become empty and it appears as if script execution completed.

The page/script I'm loading from the browser shows an output of: 12

I have no idea what I've changed or could have done to cause this. Any ideas?

I have tried the following with no luck:

Restarted MAMP Pro, Restarted my computer. Cleared all cache from ~/Library/Caches/WebIde90.

Removed the server config from Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Servers and when I attempt to reload the php script from the browser, I am prompted with the "Incoming Connection From Xdebug" dialog as usual and I select the file to debug and click Accept as usual.

Choose a different debug port. Didnt help so I set it back to default. 

Set max simultaneous connections to 1, set it to 2, set it to 5. None helped.

Enabled an xdebug log file and reviewed it for anything obvious. I made sure that the path to the php script mentioned in that file was indeed the correct path and that file/folder name case matched.

I attempted to build my own xdebug binary but encountered errors on the ./configure command (command not found) so I could not complete that attempt.

I have turned off and turned back on the Activate xDebug option in MAMP Pro.

I'm using OS X El Capitan, MAMP PRO 3.5 set to PHP 5.69.10, PHPStorm 9.0.2, xdebug 2.2.7, DBGp $Revision: 1.145 $


Thanks, Mikey


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This app uses CakePHP. I was able to track down the cause to a call to session_start(). Apparently a corrupt session was in the session cache--or something like that. I cleared cache and invalidated my php session and created a new one and debugging started working again. 

There were no errors being thrown or logged, so I have to conclude that the session was corrupt in some way. 

I have no idea how to delete this post. Perhaps it should just stay here in case someone else runs into the same problem. 

Days wasted: 1

Lessons learned: 0

Thank you PHP! :-p 



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