"Synchronise" command in Project View context menu

I've been having problems with the folder content of symlinks (NTFS on OSX) not updating.

I've discovered that the "Synchronise '<folder>'" menu item solves this, but I want to know why, as some of my build scripts are failing as I have a chain of dependencies from different projects / watch tasks running.

So, my questions:

  • Why does the latest folder content not always show?
  • Are symlinks treated differently? 
  • Do symlinks behave, inherently, differently?
  • Should I be using hard links / junction points (not sure if available on NTFS on OSX) i.e. would they be kept updated?
  • Anything else I need to know of?

Many thanks,


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Yes, symlinks are a problem - fsnotifier tool that is used to synchronize the IDE virtual file system with external changes doesn't support them. As a workaround, you can try to remove bin/fsnotifier* executables (the IDE will complain after restart, but this affects only performance, not functionality) - this way will force the IDE to perform filesystem scan
instead of relying on notifications (see http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-65174#comment=27-93198). The downside: FS scans may take some time - note a spinning indicator in a lower left corner of a frame.

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Thanks for the link Elena. I read through it and I understand it a little better now. I've also disabled fsnotifier, so will see how that affects things.

Can you answer me one question about NTFS on OSX?

All my files are stored on a Data partition, formatted NTFS to be compatible with Windows, as I run a dual-boot system.

Would having the partition be formatted as HFS / Journalled be any better? I can get drivers for Windows, so it's just a matter of preference.

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HFS should provide better speed and reliability. Also, it manages the data more effectively which is important if you use SSD disks.

If you don't need any specific NTFS features then you can go with HFS.

But I also would recommend to check for this question at the profile forums over the internet - we are not file system gurus here. :-)

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Thanks Vladimir!

You non-filesystem guru, you :P


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