Project view with custom scope always scrolls to top on open


I'm using 2016.1.1 and there is a behavior that seemed to just start with 2016. In project view select the Project scope and double-click to open a long file. Scroll down then double-click that file again. When you do this the scrolling stays where it was. Now make a custom scope with that file and select that scope in the project view. Open that file, scroll down, then double-click again. Now it always scrolls to the top which is annoying when switching between files.

Is there any way to turn this off when using custom scopes or is this a bug? If a tab is already open then I think it should never change the scroll position to the top. It seems to only do this when using a custom scope. 

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Request is welcome at Previously it worked the same way for the Project view by scrolling to the top, there is even a request to change it:


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