Pythonid error when editing Mako templates

Lately I have ben getting this error fairly consistently when editing Mako templates using the Python plugin:

"The plugin Pythonid failed to save settings and has been disabled"

Every time this happens, I have to quit IntelliJ, start it back up, re-enable the Python plugin, restart to enable and continue on. This whole cycle takes quite a while since the project has to be re-indexed every time this happens, and it's a fair;y complex django-based website.

It usually happens when editing some Python code within the template, a %for loop or sometimes even just a simple ${variable}. I have never had it happen when editing Python files directly, only when editing Mako templates.

Any thoughts as to how to solve this?

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I have tried deleting my preferences, re-importing them, and re-intstalling the python plugin, for what it's worth.


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