Auto-deploy (Ctrl+S) uploading files I don't want it to

We have it set so that when we hit Ctrl+S it uploads file changes to our test server, but it's also uploading any files that are different even if they're not open or changed before today; it's getting in the way of testing because I have to switch branches which means the code can differ from my local box to the dev server.

How do I fix this? I only want it to upload file changes in the file I have open and focused on at the moment (there should be a save-all hotkey for all open files, and another hotkey for all changed files).


Not an option at the moment, unfortunately.

PhpStorm uploads everything, and there's no option to limit upload to open file only.

Here's an issue on this matter:


Hi there,

The "Remote Hosts Access" plugin that handles deployment has "Upload to Default Server" action. If you assign some shortcut to it and use instead of saving (Ctrl+S) it will actually save the current file before uploading. The same action is accessible via editor content menu.

See if that action does what you need -- to save (if needed) and upload current file only.

NOTE: this action is context dependant -- if invoked in Project View it will upload all selected files/folders.


@Andriy: Save before uploading? PHPStorm automatically saves without me doing anything (and I can't disable that), which is different than uploading (deploy).


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