Debug breakpoint `npm run tape` in PyCharm

I'm trying to start debugging the npm module Stylelint. But I can't seem to connect the `npm run tape` command (which is `babel-tape-runner \"src/**/__tests__/*.js\"`) to my debugger.

I've tried several configurations:

None of them seem to make any difference. The script runs through and finishes. I've already tried setting breakpoints in `src` as well as in `dist` folders.

I'm new to debugging npm modules and until now I got by with the occasional `console.log`. As I'm diving deeper into this matter, I'd like to start debugging with breakpoints in PyCharm. I'm aware, that there are better programs to debug node applications but unfortunately I've only PyCharm (not WebStorm or the full IntelliJ suite) at my disposal as IDE.

Any help is very much appreciated :)


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