Programmatically convert .ipr to .idea

Hi I would like to create a plugin that works best with .idea directory format. I would like it to offerto users and convert .ipr to .idea as a part of workflow. What's the best way to do something like this programmatically? I was looking at com.intellij.ide.actions.SaveAsDirectoryBasedFormatAction implementation, but it seem to have changed between versions 14 and 15 quite a bit.

To make this feature release-stable would it make sense to just invoke "SaveAsDirectoryBasedFormatAction" manually as opposed to trying to reproduce its logic internally? If so then how? or maybe I am completely on the wrong path and there are some other better ways.


Thanks in advance

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Sorry for late response. I think it is better to ask user invoke `SaveAsDirectoryBasedFormatAction` action manually (VCS changes and so on).

> that works best with .idea directory format.

Why so? Maybe it can be fixed to avoid convert?


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