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Hi. I've only been using Webstorm for a day. Yesterday all files I was working on were open and each  displayed as a tab in the navigation bar and I could select any file. Today it was there until I tried the full screen , distraction free and presentation view modes. When I exit out of these modes back to the IDE I only have one file in the navigator bar. Opening any other file replaces that file with the new one so only one file shows up in the navigation bar at a time. I've tried to find a setting to  display all open files in the navigation bar but no luck. The online help shows that the navigator should be displaying all open files and there is no mention of restricting it to only one open file. I can see all files in the project explorer on the left but i like to keep that closed / minimized the majority of the time and just have the 3 or 4 files I'm currently working on available on the navigator bar and navigate them with alt home and the cursor keys. Does anybody know how to re enable this ?

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Can't recreate. Please try restarting WebStorm - does the problem persist?


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