Debugging DAO with hibernate entities



When a breakpoint is triggered and there are hibernate entities on stack Intellij Idea seems to be trying to load them completely which result in loading huge amounts of data which effectivly make debugging impossibl.

Is there any way to tell Intellij not to load only members visible in debugger?




Do you see a hang, or may be "Collecting data..." state for the variables? Do you have "heavy" entity classes? What fields do they have? 

Try if it helps to disable "toString() object view" (File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger | Data Views | Java). You can also configure custom Data type Renderer, where to include only the fields you want to see:

Seeing a screenshot or better a screencast, showing this problem would help to better understand the issue. Thanks.


Yes, that's was it! Thank you!


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