Browsing Oracle and executing Oracle Procedures in DataGrip

I am evaluating DataGrip for use with Oracle databases at work and I have not been able to figure out how to have DG

  • Show details of the connected database in tree form (see screenshot)
  • Offer auto-complete suggestions for database objects (schema, table, column, package, function, etc.)
  • Execute procedures (the exec or execute keywords are not recognized)



The process I followed was

  1. Install DataGrip
  2. Open DataGrip
  3. Add new Oracle DataSource
  4. Click the link inside the DG dialog to install Oracle libraries
  5. Add connection details for the database
  6. Click Connect.

I am connected to the database and am able to run queries but there is no tree information. I also cannot execute procedures.


What am I missing?



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Hello Rebecca,

Could you please make sure that the needed schemas/databases are selected in the Schemas tab of the Data Source you have created. Then please invoke Synchronize action for selected data source in Database tool window.

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Thank you, Andrey, Schemas and Synchronize gave me the database tree and the auto-complete. Do you know where I can find the documentation that explains this? I haven't been able to find that yet.

Thanks again, Rebecca

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FYI -- the DataGrip Getting Started guide does mention the "Schemas" tab. It does not mention the "Synchronize" button.

From the Getting Started guide

7. If the settings you have specified identify more than one database or schema, you can select the database or schema you are going to work with. To do that, use the Schemas tab.

(not the most helpful sentence)

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Sorry for delayed reply and thank you for your feedback. Usually invoking Synchronize action is not needed after you have configured new datasource and clicked OK button as IDE should select default user's schemas and run synchronization the first time you use new datasource. The synchronization should also happen after you change any settings, related to schemas in Schemas tab. But it did not happen for you for some reason. Perhaps it is worth mentioning in the help page. We consider adding this information.

In any case currently we are in a process of re-designing schemas selection workflow (this information would be shown in the Database tool window instead of separate Schemas tab) and we hope it will help in such cases also.


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