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i am currently implementing a debugger for Corona. The debugger (or better said, the debugger actions) are working, but the Console is not.
In my DebugRunner (extending ProgramRunner) i return my sessions RunContentDescriptor in the doExecute(...) method. My Console got, a Listener to StdOut which should print to the console (something like console.print("fizzbuzz")). The Listener is executed, my console got the message but the Console Tab is not displaying anything.

Any help or advise? Questions about my source?

I apperently get the feeling i know IntelliJ's Source better than my own, but still can't figure out why stuff is not working. I even compared the "new RunContentBuilder(exeResult, environment).showRunContent(session.getRunContentDescriptor);" [this works, i don't know why...] to the "session.getRunContentDescriptor();" Queue/stacktrace/building process/whatever you want to call it. I can't really see a difference, both ways are, more or less, executed the same way. Still the desireable way is not working (session.getRunCo.... you get the drift).


Here is what i am trying to achieve:

and here what is working but i don't want to have:

my code:

protected RunContentDescriptor doExecute(@NotNull RunProfileState state, @NotNull ExecutionEnvironment env) throws ExecutionException {

runProfileState = state;
environment = env;

session = XDebuggerManager.getInstance(env.getProject()).startSession(env, new CoronaDebugProcessStarter(this));

// ofc, one is commented out in the real code
return session.getRunContentDescriptor(); // not working stuff
return new RunContentBuilder(executionResult, environment).showRunContent(session.getRunContentDescriptor()); // working

i work on 2 different PCs. Could it be, that the, i think, committed .idea folder does some stuff he is not supposed to do?



Good morning again,

I wanted to ask, if someone got a clue or any idea now? I, meanwhile, completely deleted IntelliJ and reinstalled it (PHPStorm was installed though), tried to "reset" the project (deleting "out", ".idea", the sandbox-folder and such stuff) and all of that did not work.

So, any other idea?


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