APK file {PATH TO APK} does not exist on disk.


I added some git versioning to my APK file and it works flawlessly from the command line, but when done through IntelliJ I always get the following error


The APK file {PATH_TO_APK} does not exist on disk.


The path to the APK file is correct if I build from the command line then click "Debug" inside of IntelliJ, but if I clean the wrong apk gets built.


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Could you please prepare and provide a small sample project illustrating the problem and the exact steps to reproduce (complete zipped source tree and project files)?

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This seems to be Android/Gradle specific issue that also affects Android Studio. You can check http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34039834/the-apk-file-does-not-exist-on-disk for the workarounds.

The easiest solution would be to add the Gradle build step to before launch section:


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