unittest run/debug configuration does not accept unittest params

I'm trying to set up a run configuration to run some unittest examples that I'm studying. Using the regular 'Python' template works perfectly fine, no surprises. But when I try the 'Python tests/unittest' template, it will not let me provide a unittest parameter, specifically '-v' (verbose). The template runs a 'helper' script, and that apparently is trying to open a file named '-v' instead of understanding that it is a parameter for the test script and unittest. 'IOError' is the result.

The Help page doesn't say anything about the 'Params' option, how to use it, or what it can be used for. 

I appreciate the nice looking test results that get cooked up by the more specialized configuration generates, and the flexibility about specifying what gets run, but 'Params' is a bit of a mystery.


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