New to Webstorm, getting gulp errors with WebStarterKit

I'm brand new with Webstorm so I decided to make a simple project to play with using WebStarterKit

Right off the bat I'm having issues with gulp.  When I try and see the tasklist in the gulpfile.babel.js I get the error "Failed to list task details"  (screenshot

I'm clearly missing something but it's not evident.  Also is there a tutorial on how to use webstorm using a sample project anywhere?



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Thank you for that but it raises more questions than it answers:

The workaround is to:
1. import from the commonjs source, which you cannot jump into/edit on the fly; or
2. import from the sources using npm link , but remember to yank the source imports before sharing your library externally.

I tried googling what both of those mean yet was unable to find anything that produced a concrete answer.

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I can't recreate the issue with WebStarterKit project:


what Node/Gulp versions do you use? Did you modify the WebStarterKit project in any way? can you list gulp tasks in system terminal, by running gulp with --tasks-json?

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I haven't changed the project at all.  

I think I found the problem though.

It's unable to find the gulp modules even though they're installed globally 

here's the error

globally installed


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it's expected - you need to have your Gulp modules installed locally, otherwise they won't be resolved (unless you add then manually to NODE_PATH (not recommended)). Node doesn't consider global modules by default when using require() (which you need to include gulp within your script).


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