Documentation for writing plugins ?

I have had a good few minutes searching the JetBrains site but without much success - and certainly nothing much in recent years...

I've just produced a tool that I'm using which is very much like Grails but works with web2py and I probably will extend it to another Python web framework, I'm currently looking at Pyramid. All it does is take a model and generate the controller and view code which is generally very standard (and having used Grails I do find that approach quite convenient). And I intend to make the tool itself open source etc. (it's already on As the tool is and will be, freely available I would intend to do the same with any related pugin. 

While it isn't too much problem to run it from a terminal in PyCharm I was just wondering whether it would be straightforward to integrate it to add the options to 'generate xyz' to various menus; after all I presume that's really how Grails has been added to IDEA. And so I'm looking for some documentation on creating plugins of this sort. And it would have to be written really...

Any suggestions ?


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In fact I have now found

which appears to be the documentation - but I didn't find it by using the search within the JetBrains page but by doing a inernet search with duckduckgo. I must admit that I do often find that sites' own 'search buttons' are more or less useless...




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