Unmapped Spring configuration files found. Why?


I created a Spring project in STS, and then imported it as a Maven project into IDEA. Now when I open the project in IDEA I get a warning that reads:

> Spring Configuration Check
> Unmapped Spring configuration files found. Disable... Please configure Spring facet or use 'Create Default Context' to add one including all unmapped files. > Show Help m-squadrun (4 files)   Create Default Context

Can someone help me understand the meaning behind this warning that appears in IDEA but not STS?

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Normally you should choose Create Default Context option and it should work fine. See https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/2016.1/managing-spring-configuration-files.html for details.

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But in big multimodule projects one can have tens of such modules and then he has to click many times. It's really annoying and should be automated!


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