sbt import random behavior with local/remote snapshots

Hi, I am facing these issues for a couple of days now. We got multiple independent projects which we build and deploy to a local mvn repository.


So say I have A which builds to A-SNAPSHOT and B which uses A-SNAPSHOT.


Now I publish A, lets say using sbt publishLocal or sbt publish. And then I go to B and hit the sbt refresh button within Intellij. Now the behavior of Intellij is random. Occasionally it can see the newest A. Most usually it sees an old version of A or even worse doesn't see A-SNAPSHOT.jar at all. Other times the only way to fix the project is to invalidate caches and restart intellij.


Is there a work cycle that I can use to not have issues when I make changes to A and want to view them from B?



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Seems it is more of an sbt (or ivy) issue rather than intellij, related to test deps, where B needs -SNAPSHOT-test.jar of A:



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