Have hover pop-ups only be when holding Ctrl?

I notice some hover pop-ups only pop-up when I hold Ctrl, like a PHP class var having a value added inside a method like:

$this->_someVar = 'bob';

when I hover over _someVar and hold Ctrl.

However, PHPStorm does all these other pop-ups of mostly nonsense suggestions, including this lightbulb on the left that keeps obstructing my ability to click, and either hiding this stuff in a gutter or something or allowing to disable pop-ups or only have them pop-up when I hold a button like Ctrl, would be immensely better and not frustrating at all.

Is this possible, and if not, when will JetBrains come to their senses and stop trying to critique me all the time like an interior decorator?

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Unfortunately forums are not monitored by developers thus it would be better to have it wrapped up as a feature request at http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WI#newissue=yes


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