Move directory refactoring


Hi I'm trying to test a move directory refactoring for the pants plugin (
Pants is configured through BUILD files that can live anywhere in the source tree. A BUILD file can reference other BUILD files by using relative path to the project root. What I'm trying to do is make sure that when a folder containing BUILD files gets moved, the references to those BUILD files are updated accordingly.
Currently there is a ReferenceContributor that provides PsiReference resolving to PsiFiles. This allows navigating between BUILD files.

I've setup a LightCodeInsightFixtureTestCase test but could only find a moveFile method within the fixture object, so I went to create my own moveDirectory helper, based on the one from the fixture:

Now it seems that I'm not using correctly the MoveFilesOrDirectoriesProcessor? I would expect isReferenceTo to be called on my PsiReference with a PsiFile implementation but it's only called with a PsiDirectory... Looks like the processor isn't looking for usages other than for the root directory. I'd expect that it searches for usages recursively through the directory children.

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Refactoring doesn't look for file usages indeed as references to the root directory only should be updated. References to files according to the root directory should be the same.


Does your code works in production?


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Hi Anna,

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, the plugin is in production.



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