Why does WebStorm annotate the 'views' property so strictly?

The following code will report an error "Cannot resolve symbol: true":

    var obj = { views: { a: true, b: false } };

This only happens if I use the property 'views'. Replacing it with another word removes the error annotation.

I can also disable the error by adding this line above:

    //noinspection JSAnnotator

Or to disable it for the whole project, I can hit Alt-Enter on the word, select Suppress for statement > Edit inspection profile settings, and then disable inspections for "Javascript general errors".

Although actually I would like to keep that feature enabled, to check for other errors, just not errors on properties called 'views'.

But anyway the thing that I am really curious about, is why! As far as I know 'views' is not a reserved Javascript keyword. Is it perhaps a critical keyword in some popular library which I have never used?


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