CompilerManager#make does not all tasks in case of a Android module/project



I need to trigger the compilation. I do this like this:

CompilerManager cm = CompilerManager.getInstance(project);
CompileScope compileScope = cm.createModulesCompileScope(modules, true, true);
cm.make(compileScope, new CompileStatusNotification() { .. });

This works in basic java projects, also with maven projects.
But after some more testing I found out that this does not work
with a Android module/project (I use the Android Plugin with IDEA Build #IU-145.971, and not Android Studio):

In case of a Android module/project CompilerManager#make does a few jobs but not all.
At least it does NOT execute the Gradle task :assembleDebug.
assembleDebug generates the .class files and this is exactly what I need (up-to-date .class files).

I have already compared whats the difference between my call and the "normal" call over the UI,
especially I have looked at CompileContext passed to CompileDriver#compileInExternalProcess
and the scopes (TargetTypeBuildScope) which are finally passed to "buildManager.scheduleBuild".

Finally I have figure out that I need to set the (Android)RunConfiguration on my compileScope,
like this:

    RunnerAndConfigurationSettings runnerAndConfigurationSettings = RunManager.getInstance(project).getSelectedConfiguration();
    if (runnerAndConfigurationSettings != null) {
        RunConfiguration runConfiguration = runnerAndConfigurationSettings.getConfiguration();
        if (runConfiguration != null) {
            compileScope.putUserData(CompileStepBeforeRun.RUN_CONFIGURATION, runConfiguration);
            compileScope.putUserData(CompileStepBeforeRun.RUN_CONFIGURATION_TYPE_ID, runConfiguration.getType().getId());

After that the Gradle task :assembleDebug will be also executed.

Note that I am not familiar with the Build process of Gradle in general and/or Android build stuff.

Explicitly set the (current) RunConfiguration feels a bit strange
and I want not to depend on such settings whenever possible

My question:

Is there a better way to trigger compilation without depending on RunConfiguration ?



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Furthermore, I have noticed that CompilerManager#createFilesCompileScope(VirtualFile[])
does not work in case of a Android module ("assembleDebug" is not invoked),
even if (Android)RunConfiguration is set.

Vassiliy Kudryashov
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Compilation for Android modules/projects is provided by Google, so for us it's a blackbox as well as any third-party plugin.


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