Is it possible to run multiple Air clients in the same project?



Basically, I need to test some multiplayer functionality, and it would be more than useful to have two Air instances running at the same time.

The only way I could achieve this was creating two different projects, however it's quite cumbersome.

Is there any way to do it inside the same project?.

It is possible to do it if you use the Flash player instead though.

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Do you mean AIR Desktop app?

Intellij IDEA uses ADL tool from the AIR SDK to start the app. And if the same app is started twice then the 2nd ADL invocation doesn't start the app but only prints 'invocation forwarded to primary instance' and exits.

Workaround is to configure 2 similar Flash build configurations (Project Structure | Modules | [your Flash module] | Flash build configuration subnodes, hint: there's Copy button in the dialog to create one more build configuration clone), but configure different AIR app descriptor templates for them (AIR Package tab).


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