How to display form validation errors in settings panel


As in question, I need to add some validation to plugin settings form.

Is there any API to do such thing?

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There is the apply method in your configurable that throws an exception:


This method is called when you press OK or Apply.

If the exception is thrown its content is shown under the settings page:

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--No such API, you need to manage error messages on your own--

Update: not correct, in fact API exists, see the answer provided by Sergey Malenkov 

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Thanks a lot Sergey. Can I invoke SwingWorker on Apply action? and display SwingWorker job result on other place as message (or in the settings window, but I think it not possible)

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Nope, because without exception the Settings dialog will be closed.

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I meant closed by OK. Apply does not close the dialog, but you cannot destinguish OK and Apply via API.

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Hi Sergey Malenkov

is this still valid ?
Or is it possible to directly have the validation to be triggered before pressing the apply button ?

I tried doing something like described here :

but it seems that the validation tooltip never shows :/ 
Or do I need something special to make it work on the settings panel ?

In worse case I'll do like said in this topic. But I found it nicer to warn the user directly without waiting him to click on apply :) 


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