How to see the call stack in WebStorm debugger

Sorry to be obtuse, I'm probably just missing something obvious.  I am debugging a pretty big, complex codebase (ReadiumJS).  I normally do this in Chrome's dev tools, but I really like WebStorm and have been using it on my side projects.  So I loaded Readium into WebStorm 2016.  Everything is going great, but while trying to walk through some of the code I don't know, I looked around for the call stack.  Can't find it.  Does WebStorm's debugger not support showing the call stack (and allowing you to move around in it) a la Chrome?

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Thanks Elena, with your hints, I finally doped it out.  Apparently, at some time, in my blundering I "hid" the frames and watches tabs in the debugger tab. Who thought that "hiding" these was a cool feature? And the only way to get them back is to hit "restore layout".  Which if it is in the documentation, is well hidden. BTW, I searched in vain for anything about "call stack", but any documentation (which is meagre) is under "frames".  Technically, this could be considered correct terminology, but many, like myself, would search for "call stack"

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Richard, you are not mistaken. WebStorm does not actually have a useful call stack.

I filed an issue about this.


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