Enter/return key not working due to keyboard shortcut I think


 I accidentally mapped enter/return as a keyboard shortcut for something and then deleted it, but now enter/return doesn't work at all in the editor unless I switch to a different keymap. However, I have many customizations and I can't remember them all so I don't want to make them all again. I tried doing a reverse-shortcut search for enter/return and no actions are associated with it. How do I get enter/return back ?


Try to add Enter shortcut to these actions:


I ran into the same problem.  I did not remap Enter; only TAB to Emacs Tab as recommended by Cursive.  The only recently installed or modified plugins were Cursive and two Markdown plugins.

The remapping of Enter, as shown by Serge, fixed my problem.

Incidentally, while I was experiencing this problem, the Line Separator indicator in the status line was showing n/a.



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