Missing red squiggly on bad code, only hover pop-up shows

There used to be a red squiggly line underneath a bad function call, now the warning only shows when I hover over the call (which I stumbled on randomly), but I need the opposite, I need to see that there's a problem without having to randomly hover on everything, and I don't want the hover pop-ups to show at all unless I hold Ctrl or something like that.

Also there's no red line or dot on the right bar that shows that there's an error on that line, and when I try to search for the error in Settings to disable the pop-up, it doesn't come up in search (probably because it's a dynamically-populated with numbers), so I can't even turn off the message or change the inspection's behavior (if that's what it is).

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Please try to set:

1) Settings(Preferences) > Editor > Inspections: Profile: Default

2) Settings(Preferences) > Editor > Code Style > PHP > Scheme: Default


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