Markdown might not be to spec

According to three back-ticks in a row is supposed to make for a block quote, but whenever I preview that in PhpStorm, it treats them like in-line.

I have PhpStorm 2016.2.1 in Kubuntu 16.04 64-bit. I'm not sure what plugin is relevant, but I have:

  • Markdown: 0.9.7
  • Markdown Navigator: 1.7.0
  • Markdown Support: 2016.1.20160405
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Markdown 0.9.7 is very old plugin. Please uninstall it.
Markdown Navigator is 3rd-party plugin, not sure if it supports this. But having several plugins enabled for same language is not a good idea. Most probably there is a conflict.
Markdown Support is the plugin from JetBrains. I cannot reproduce the issue with three back-ticks and code blocks - it shows them just fine.

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Strange that those plugins were there. It's unlikely they were installed from anything but an installer from JB.

Ok, uninstalling Markdown and disabling Navigator worked. Thanks.

BTW, your PNG came out 0 length.

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Glad that it works now!

You could install them before and then imported the settings from the previous version of PhpStorm. I can assure you that our installer does not bring any 3rd-party plugins with itself.

Yes, PNG is broken, apologies. Looks like an image sharing service glitch - there was just a demonstration of working code blocks.


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